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Trapped Ashes

    I guess the fact that the Tales From the Crypt franchise has seemingly disappeared becomes moot once you have a collaboration like this that resembles it so very closely. Think Bordello of Blood meets Creepshow, and that's about what you've got here.

   Five stories make this one up, but don't go into this one looking for a lot of variety, all the separate scripts kind of resemble each other in some way or another. Bloodthirsty breast implants, Japanese necrophyletic (<<<sounds like a word...... right?) demon zombies, a succubus witch, a girl with a love for her womb-mate who happens to be a giant tape worm and the surrounding plot in which all the other stories are given rise. All of those things may sound worlds apart but somehow, to me, seemed to get semi repetitive by the films end. Now, it's not well acted by any means, in fact quite the opposite, but for some reason it didn't bother me. I'm thinking it probably had something to do with those similarities I was speaking of earlier, because by no means were either of those films "well acted", but both held a certain charisma as does this movie..... to a point.

   Boobs and blood are in no short supply in this film, but it is fairly lacking in true "gore". There is some, just not enough in my book for a movie of this type. The make-up and effects are professional at least, and feature some stand out scenes including the parasitic nipples which were my personal favorite scene, and the zombie sex scene was pretty ghastly as well.

   This is a style of horror that's never going to awe anyone, but when done right (which for the most part this one was) will always entertain. It's not going to change any ones life, but still give it a watch, it's fun.

5.5/10 detached retinas

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