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The Mad

   I may never know where exactly the viewpoint of the people that made this flick is coming from but I can  however safely say that their main commentary was firmly centered around something between food production regulation reform and vegetarianism. Not so subtly hidden within a zombie comedy the earlier mentioned "agendas" don't draw attention away from the successes this film enjoys. In fact, depending on your tolerance for preachy morals, it kinda added to this films charm.

   Story is similar in flavor to a hybrid of Dead and Breakfast and Slither while still establishing its own identity through killer burger patties and a hamburger induced zombie outbreak. Billy Zane (as you've probably deduced from the poster by now) leads a veritable cast of comically entertainingly nobodies. The dialogue and acting are well done for the most part, but the comic disconnect from the events at hand begins to wear thin by the films end. I will say this for Billy Zane though, he plays a damn good 40 something, ex-waveo, still trying to relate with the younger generation-dad, and has a great on-screen rapport with everyone he shares the camera with.

   The make up and gore portion of this film is done in a very professional yet still campy manner. The usual zombie related fodder is all here, bite wounds, beheadings and all the usual "rippin' and tearin". The zombie make up is decent, but nothing to amaze. I think the most standout effects driven part of this movie was probably the animated/animatronic killer burger patties.

    This movie by no means wowed me, but it was very entertaining through and through. I'm thinking anybody, horror fan or no, could get on board with this one.

6.5/10 detached retinas

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