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Murder Party

    This is one of the best and most original horror films I've seen in a long time.....if not ever. You throw in a bunch of "art scenester" related satire with gallons of fantastically executed blood and guts and add a generous helping of smart comedy and your well on your way to finding the keys and title to my heart.

    Like I said, this movie is smart and was very obviously written by someone who has spent a good amount of time in or around the "art scene" as they nailed with such hilarity all the usual "artsy" types to a T. The basis for the film is a bunch of random pretentious artists randomly dropped an invitation to a "murder party" in hopes that some hapless fool would wander into their elitist trap and they could artfully capture said fools murder. Which is exactly what happens, only they're all so high on their craft and an assortment of other things that it goes unsurprisingly awry. The actors in this one play their parts immaculately, creating such a genuinely hilarious scenario that you almost forget for awhile they're planning on murdering the poor fool they lured there. And speaking of the "poor fool" he is played to perfection as well, wearing maybe the best halloween costume on record, and being a quiet comic genius to boot.

    The gore and violence couldn't have been done any better either, including chainsaws, fire axes and moonshine fueled fiery disfigurements (which actually results in one of the better make-up jobs I've ever seen). This one is gory, to say the least.

     To any and every one of you who read this review, WATCH THIS MOVIE! There's really not a lot of other ways I can say it, just that you will be missing out if you don't.

10/10 detached retinas

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