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     I used to wonder how long before the "abominations of science" horror films began to get stale. But now that I have given it more thought, the more I realize they won't, as science and greed progress the more feasible these films become, and the more brutal they become as well.

    This little Irish delight is built around just what I was earlier talking about, scientific testing to find a way to make cattle mature earlier and therefore come of birthing age themselves at a faster rate, so on and so forth, making much more money for the dairy and beef industries.......where could that go wrong you ask? Well if you have to ask that question, this just might be your first rodeo.

    This movie is grimy all the way around, from the bleak, muddy, rundown cattle farm setting to the violent human and animal mutilations to the very core of its script. Well acted and well shot with a feel of palpable desperation that extends for the length of the movie. The gore scenes as well are gritty and realistic, featuring exoskeletal, bloodthirsty, mutant calf fetuses boring their way through bovine and human intestine alike. From whatever angle you decided to look at this film, it is a solid peice of work.

    So if you have a mind to try to interfere with the natural evolution of species, be they non threatening in their current state or not......I would suggest you watch this movie before doing so, there are good lessons to be learned within.

7.5/10 detached retinas

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