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Prey (Proie)


    Now this is a "creature feature" with some class! Unlike its many counterparts within this campy sub-genre this film is taught, slick, engaging and downright intense. And to top all that off it has a worthwhile social message to sell, and does so without seeming all that preachy. Oh, and did I mention it is French? If you've ever read this thing I like to call a blog before, you will know that about 90% of the time that's a win for me.

   The story revolves around a family that goes hunting in search of a boar that had been ravaging the countryside and finds out the fertilizer made by their company is killing off most of the indigenous wildlife, and the animals it is not killing.....well, that's where the horror part of the film comes about. Well cast, scripted and acted with a very compelling plot. The only drawback I really had from this flick was its length, at just under an hour and twenty minutes it felt a little short.

   The gore was accomplished and the general look of the film was polished and dark, leaving small parts to the imagination but not in a way that frustrated, more so it added to the suspense and creep factor of the whole film. The creatures or blooddrunk boars, as they were, were well done as well without ever really being fully in the shot, and the many dead animal carcasses strewn about the set had were so putrescent looking that you could almost smell them through the screen. Visually well done all the way around.

   Now if you don't like looking at made up images of what humans impact does to our planet, and even our immediate ecosystem, I would not suggest watching this endeavor. But if you want to see a smart and bloody look at natures revenge I highly recommend you look no further than Prey.

7/10 detached retinas

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