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To Kako (Evil)

    Greece, where ya been? Just now getting on the zombie train when your neighbors to the east (Italy) have been doing it with gusto for thirty plus years? Well whatever your explanation, welcome to the entertaining zoo that is undead themed film making and thank you for coming.

    Classically delicious, that's what comes to mind as I review this one. Every aspect of this film is some sort of shrine to the the masters that came before, from the campy zombie movie approved acting, to the bloody and hilarious killshots and violence. Comedic without actually being a "comedy" and ludicrous in all the right ways. Not to say this doesn't have a hole filled plot, or inspire some unsolicited laughter, but in that same breathe didn't Fulci, Romero and Argento inspire those same laughs at times? Of course they did.

   I applaud this movie in every aspect and look forward to reviewing To Kako 2 because from what I've seen it's gonna be even more fun than this one was, no small feat! Cheers to you Greece on a successful first foray into "the land of the dead".

7.5/10 detached retinas

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