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Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

       This movie sat on my coffee table for damn near two weeks due to my lack of desire to submit myself to another of Robert Englund's (<Freddy Kruger) recent piles of dung. I'm now punching myself for it. This picture rules.

      First scene of the movie didn't give me a whole lot of hope for the rest of the film considering the fact it has one of the most Power Ranger-esque monster fight scenes I have seen in awhile (well probably since i watched Power Rangers last). And truth be told the monster creations don't get much better throughout the film, including some half assed hairy wolverman, and a final showdown scene featuring an evil tentacled rockbiter (Neverending Story) look alike. But those scenes are not what makes this movie successful. It's surprisingly (given what I've already been saying about the film) well shot, quality film and good camerawork, and an excellent story brought together by one of the most triumphantly diverse slapstick horror comedy casts.....well maybe ever. Almost every character is played to perfection especially the professor played by the afore mentioned Robert Englund, who is an absolute slapstick horror joy throughout the movies entirety! The "minion" make-up is decent and the gore is fun while not being much more than a slime splatter goo fest.

   After watching this movie all I could think was "FRANCHISE THIS!" because they have got a good thing going that, if done right, could only get better. Good thing the second one is already in pre-production! Be back soon/someday with a review of it.

     7.5/10 detached retinas

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