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   Gawl! Everywhere I look Texas Chainsaw Massacre ripoffs are waiting to suck me into their overworked but still slightly entertaining clutches. Would it kill someone to come up with a little American horror originality every once in awhile? Not a whole lot to ask for.

   Backcountry, hillbillies, torture and young adults, including the token whiner, the token douche and his token slut and the token hero and heroine. Combine those things with a token story and they may as well have called this movie "Token".

  But, there are a few standout parts of this cheeser and all of them are derived from the movies attempt to gross you out (b.t.w. I wouldn't suggest watching this one while trying to eat, especially is you have an aversion to feces.) The gore is solid low budget stuff, and while they do hide from view a few of the money shots, I believe its because of budget restrictions or make up artist talent issues rather than a lack of desire to please a gore thirsty audience.

  Looking back at this one, I can safely say its creators meant well while making it. It's just a little uninspired and washed up as far as concept goes, but I would definitely watch another one of their films, no question.

5.5/10 detached retinas

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