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The Darkroom

   I don't really know why I'm even wasting the time to review this one when all the end result will amount to is me telling you not to waste your time on it. But seems as I have nothing better to do right now, what the hell....

   This movie actually barely amounts to a real horror movie, apart from reoccurring drug induced monster sightings, the presence of a serial killer, and a couple of half assed throat slashings, this one really amounts to more of a mystery than anything else. but apparently someone else disagrees with me because it was on TMC's "Splatterday" on-demand lineup.....whatever. It has a few familiar faces including Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess), and Greg Grunberg of  Heroes. But nobody steps up to make it any more interesting. There are however a few twists at the end that threw me but more likely had I been a little more invested in the story I would have figured them out. The violence is sparse and weak and the monster scenes are shakey and out of focus and frankly gave me a bit of a headache.

  All around this movie is close to unwatchable (and yet for some reason I watched the whole freakin' thing), don't let the snappy movie poster fool ya, avoid.

2/10 detached retinas

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