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Shiver (Escalofrio)

    It is not very often that you get to call a true horror film "cute" but this one somehow fits that billing. While still being gruesome and spooky it has a strangely heartwarming tale to tell.

    The story is centered around a teenage boy who has an allergy to sunlight and as a result has to relocate to a tiny Spanish village nestled in the mountains. To not give anymore of the story away I will just say there is a feral child involved once he arrives in said village and he becomes the suspect in a series of murders. The endearing part comes from the execution and casting, everyone has a certain aura of believability to them be they good or bad within the story. And the character relationships are genuine. Well scripted, creative and ambitious this movie really did it for me from all plot and acting standpoints.

   Along with the story being great, the violence and make-up effects were its perfect companion. There is a good amount of bloody animalistic scenes throughout this film and they are done very convincingly. And the earlier mentioned feral child.....well let's just say that she looks exactly like what you would think a feral child would look like.

   One more note that this movie brought to light for me was the cinematography, which was beautiful and very European-esque. Which made me come to the realization that foreign (especially, but not limited to European) horror films actually do have a kind of different feel to them (aside from the subtitles). They don't feel as rushed and they seem to take care with the smaller things like settings, scenery, character build up and the other things that draw the viewer to that next level of involvement in the film. Hollywood, take note, cuz you'z abouts ta get served.

   Anyways, back to the point at hand, this movie is a real fun watch, and I think just about anybody could get on board with it.

7/10 detached retinas

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