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Hatchet II

   I'm going to start this one by saying if you have not seen the first Hatchet and you're a fan of early 80's style campy slashers, do yourself a favor and watch it. It's totally worth it. While its sequel does a fair job of standing on its own it's always nice to have all the backstory figured out so that when the previous film is referenced you're not feeling left out.

   As I earlier mentioned this film hearkens back to the simpler days of horror. Absolutely nothing new here, but it's done oh so well. A full dumptruck load of gore, a liquid kiloton of fake blood and a good measure of silliness to top it all off. Tony Todd (Candyman) makes his second appearance in this franchise as the "voodoo" Rev. Zombie, and there are a few other familiar faces in this one as well. Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th) plays the monster role of "Victor Crowley" who is a vengeful mutant ghost hybrid with a pension for using quite a varied array of implements to dispatch of his prey. Throw this all in with a sleek production, set it in a swamp outside of New Orleans and you've got yourself a winner.

  Simplicity combined with professional pride go a long way to satisfy this reviewer, you don't always have to have the best story, or the biggest budget or even that great of a cast. Just love what you do and pay a bit of tribute to the old gods now and again......and your on track for success in my book.

7.5/10 detached retinas

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