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Night Crawlers

     Joel Greco......that's the name of the dude I was trying to figured out where I knew him from for this entire movie. He's the douche bag from that terrible show Cheaters. I knew I didn't like him for some reason, and along with not liking him, I didn't like this movie either.

     Don't let the movie poster fool you, this movie is neither scary nor does it even come close to having the level of make-up production that the poster suggests. There was a whole lot of misleading going on in the marketing of this film. There's some semblance of a vampire/comedy going on here, but aside from a scattered few laughs, they failed on most aspects of both genres. The acting is alright I guess, but the dialogue is so ridiculous it doesn't make much difference, and the situational comedy tries fairly hard to be funny, and is at points, but for the most part it's such an asinine scenario in the first place that it makes it hard to laugh with their attempts and not at their attempts.

     Now, I'd love to say it didn't get any worse from there, but it did. Their attempts at monstrous vampire make-up were probably the only true comedy in the whole movie, most of them came off looking like slow-witted, leprous goofs....In all seriousness, I know a bunch of people who do better jobs on their own make-up for Halloween than then these guys did for a movie......pretty pathetic.

    There's really no redeeming features of this picture, aside from the few laughs, and they weren't worth the seemingly long hour and fifteen minutes I spent watching this.

3/10 detached retinas

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