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Bad Biology

           Good lord, I'm still a little speechless after this one! The director of classics such as "Frankenhooker" and the "Basketcase" series has outdone himself with this one. You've got a girl with seven clits who has mutant bathtub babies mere hours after sex, a giant sentient steroid addicted phallus, vagina mask wearing rap video girls, and an underground hip-hop soundtrack to beat all. If all that is not enough to peak your interest you're probably reading the wrong blog.

   Terrible acting (save for one scene in a drug house that was maybe one on the most realistic portrayal of failing drug addicts interacting I've ever seen) and ludicrous dialogue aren't even nearly enough to outweigh the pure must-see'ness of this picture. Weird rambling narratives wear thin minutes into the film and yet it's still unturnoffable. The films strength lies completely with its bizarrely unique and sexually maniacal story. 

   The make-up and effects are so bad yet so good, the only way they really should have been done if you ask me. The scenes are riotously funny, so much so at points they merit re-wind re-watch status for sure. I'd like to shake whoever's hand it was that created/came up with the three foot long disembodied penis that burst through multiple walls and floorboards time and time again to rape a half dozen inexplicably naked and stacked ladies before falling into a drug withdrawal induced coma.

   While I'm not going to actually come out with a statement of "this movie was good" per say, I will say it's highly recommendable (for those with the appropriate sexual sense of humor). Original, shockingly silly and just plain a hoot.

8/10 detached retinas

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