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  Foreign art films never fail to amaze and anger me with their abysmally frustrating and confusing endings. This movie had me enraptured for damn near its entirety, and then with five minutes remaining, proceeded to take a fat dump on my chest leaving me open mouthed with the putrid taste of disappointment making my bile ducts scream for release.

  The basis for this one is centered around energy crisis solutions of the seemingly distant future gone wrong. Shot in what I could only describe as some sort of subterranean missile silo or abandoned nuclear power plant (which if it was, would be fitting). Feeling in style, as with many other French (dialogue is in English) films, a bit of Terry Gilliam, specifically 12 Monkeys. Just about everything about the visuals in this flick are amazing, from its bleak and panicky production, to the great makeup work on the fiend like mutants chasing the main character, to the entire films general concept art. Fact is, the only glaring disparity I found within this film was its atrocious ending.

   I have a stinking suspicion that art film directors/ writers give them selves too much credit and shoot too high with their concept, end up writing themselves into a corner and, BANG, you have movies like this. I'm probably wrong, but it makes me feel better about my wasted two hours.

4.5/10 detached retinas

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