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The Tripper

      I've started re-going through my personal collection of movies and I'm going to be reviewing a few of the standouts over time. And to get things rolling I present (or should i say David Arquette presents) "The Tripper".

   Like I mentioned earlier David Arquette co-wrote, directs and has a decent sized roll in this film, along with Jason Mewes ("Jay"of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame), Paul Reubens (good ol' Pee Wee Herman), Thomas Jane (Hung, Killshot, The Punisher) and a few other slightly less but still familiar faces.

   From the opening credits until the films end you are barraged with tongue in cheek Reagan era rhetoric while our killer carves and hacks his way through a campground full of drug addled dirt worshipers. It's truly hysterical at points. The story and dialogue are super funny, especially if you live or work anywhere around Ashland Oregon or have ever attended a rave/hippie gathering. The characters are over the top while not being annoying and the acting is adequately handled.

   From the violence standpoint this is an absolute gem ! Blood, guts and body parts are flying throughout. Although some of the scenes come off cheese style, it works for a movie as ludicrous in the first place as this one is. I mean who really wants to pick apart how the hippie got killed just enjoy the patchouli bather's demise (the ol' "gift horse in the mouth" deal)

   Totally a recommendable movie for just about anyone. S(laughter) abounds!

7.5/10 detached retinas


  1. I always wondered about this flick- I'll definitely check t out now :)