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The Lost Tribe

    This one was rough, I'm just gonna start out by getting that outta the way. An absolutely shameless and unimaginative rip-off parade. There's pieces of good movies strew throughout this film with a lack of respect that's actually saddening. You've got "Predator" style killers with a hint of the creatures from "The Descent" and a dose of the infamously horrible "Congo" thrown in for...... well, who knows why, it certainly wasn't "for good measure".

    Lance Henriksen (Pumpkinhead, Alien) is the only recognizable face in this picture, and he's not even really in it all that much, the cast is boring and completely without any endearing qualities. The story is ridiculous and some of the scenes are so full of holes the A-Teams van would be jealous.

    Some of the gore is decently done, and the monster make-up is at least serviceable. Nothing to write home about, but it works, kinda.

    If there is one thing i learned from this cinematic experience, it's that if you are being attacked by missing link ape-men just rub slimy space grape mush all over yourself and they won't be able to see you....problem solved.

2/10 detached retinas


  1. I think this just hit Netflix Watch Now- Now it's even more convenient to skip ;) T.Hanks for the heads up.

  2. haha, thats what i watched it on.....