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Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre

    What would i do without Netflix instant and a job that allows me to watch the occasional movie? Answer: probably review less movies. Thank you job downtime because this Icelandic offering was a real treat.

    Featuring an appearance by the one and only original Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) and a general crew of fairly entertaining nobodies who make it quite a task to tell who the villains vs. victims really are. These "victims" might not be axe murderers like the down and out whalers that are trying to kill them for some unexplained reason, but they are however much more cutthroat, offing each other and fucking their fellow man over at a clip that would make Michael Myers head spin. Fairly well acted was this film, although it held some questionable dialogue early on, but that didn't really affect the movie by its end. Storywise it's a tried and true recipe of; fell on hard times working class family turned psycho-religious murdering culty types, biting a tad off the "Texas Chainsaw..." deal while staying fresh via the fact that they are out of work Icelandic whalers and not out of work Texan meat packers, I know that doesn't really sound all that different but trust me it is.....kinda.

   Classic slasher fare is the meat of the violence in this film, well done, brutal, creative and believable. commercial fishing/whaling gear makes for damn fine weaponry if you ask me, and there's a lot of different ways it can be used to the delight of me, and plenty of other gore enthusiasts!

   While the title should be enough for most true horror film fans to already check this one out, those of you more casual fans should give this one a gander's worth it.

7.5/10 detached retinas

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for this! I was heavily considering this flick and your review pushed me OVERBOARD ;D It's a definite watch for me.