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         Trying to give objective reviews in the face of unoriginality is proving to be a harder task than one might think. These "captured and tortured human experiment" flicks ,a la  "Saw", "Hostel" and "Unknown", started to wear thin a good while ago for me, although when done just the right way they can be very ....well....for lack of a better word,captivating .This movie is by no means the worst I've seen coming out of the genre, but it is still far from great.

   It felt like the story was meant to bring a certain amount of sympathy for the captor/villain, which may have worked had he had any lines or personality or just something going on at all. The victims are a fairly decent cast of characters but still leave a little to be desired as far as establishing a connection with the audience is concerned. There was definitely a concerted effort to give back stories to all the characters but they all fall flat and unimaginative and plainly formula following. And by the time the actual killmax (<another Jason creation) rolls around the audience is bored, any sympathy earned earlier is out the window and traded in for blood lust.

   Once it finally starts finally flowing there is a good amount of blood in this film. But disappointment is still right around the corner. Its an effing movie about cannibalism and there's no fleshripping or gut wrenching or any of the good effects associated with human flesh being consumed in a movie!

   Tired script, tired concept and tired effects make for a tired reviewer.

4/10 detached retinas

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