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3 Slices of Life

     Well my lady was not happy about it, but we watched this one anyway. Take such movies as "Creepshow" and "Trick 'R Treat" and lower the standards set by them and you've got "3 Slices of Life". Three stories told within another. It bums me out from time to time that semi good ideas sometimes get lost behind bad execution. The creators definitely meant well with most of this film but the end product was at times hard to watch.

    Three of the four stories are great concepts. In the first story " W.O.R.M." you've got computer virus created zombies...good call, the second story "Amber Alert" contains ghost children out for vengeance.....tired and weak concept, the third "Pink Snapper" is about a descendant of Elizabeth Bathory who is host to a sexual parasite that eats her partners starting with the dick win, and finally the base story of a amnesiac girl who dreams these stories up and somehow they appear in her life indirectly. Now if they could have possibly hired a single competent actor to fill the roles in this flick it may have become a little more likeable.
     There's a undeniably awkward and strange mix of great low budget gore and make-up and completely inept and laughable C.G.I. (people without the skills and budget for c.g.i. should just stay away, in fact as far as I'm concerned just keep it out of horror all together). Some of the better moments of the film (i.e. flesh computer complete with vagina mouse, a truly "hammer smashed face", and the earlier mentioned cock hungry parasite) are true B-horror gems and can almost justify a watch on their own. But as soon as you get me around animated bloodspray and photoshop esque ghostly face coverings I start seeing red. Seriously sometimes you've just got to stick to what you're good at!

    This films, for all its flaws, seeming purpose to me is basically to cull the herd, if you make it all the way through it.....well, I guess you're in the club!

5/10 detached retinas


  1. Wait, vagina mouse? WTF is a flesh computer vagina mouse? My imagination, it fails me here.

  2. haha, its exactly what it sounds like.... a computer made of flesh and the mouse doubles as a vagina.