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    I will say one thing to get this review started, they certainly tried hard to make this movie good. An English and Irish production that employs a mostly American cast. I still haven't figured out what the "message" of this venture was, seeing as I formed several different opinions on that throughout its length. But "messages and morals" aside it was an entertaining watch.

    The writing is fairly hokey featuring a group of "friends" who have ventured all the way across the Atlantic to experiment with psychotropic drugs for the first time, and yet they seem to hate each other, lashing out and fighting amongst each other during the majority of the movie (not the ideal situation I would advise for your first "trip"). There is however a satisfyingly fun although safe twist that wraps the movie up and the characters aren't completely hateable. Now I'm not a magic mushroom expert or anything but I am pretty sure a lot of the information in this film on the subject is utter hogwash. But how often do movies get matters such as this right anyways, no biggie.

   Decent is the violence and monster make-up although i could have used a great deal more of it. This is one of those movie that leaves you saying "damn, wish they would have shown that". The direction and production is clean and some of the "tripping" scenes are artfully shot, but there's nothing in here really worth raving about. The one truly remarkable feature of this entire effort was the two Irish backwoods ex-institutionalized buddies that have several unnerving appearances throughout, they are completely perfect in all their slobbering glory.

   Like I earlier mentioned this movie is better enjoyed while not looking for a moral or purpose to it, because otherwise you might just walk away unsatisfied. It is however a very accessible movie that I could recommend to most.

6/10 detached retinas

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