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   IFC Pictures, you've done it again..... always making it impossible to tell whether or not I like the movies you put out. This movie most certainly had its moments of interest for me but when I view it as a whole I just can't really figure out where I stand. One thing I do know is that all their thinly veiled jabs right wing politics are hilarious.

   There's small hints of plenty of other horror releases ,good and bad, from the past strew about this movie ("Strangeland", "Reeker", "Human Centipede" and even the non horror action classic Jean Claude Van Damme's "Hard Target") and as it's creatively sewn together, the story is interesting. Not bad either is the acting, although I was having a hard time taking the Tom Brady look alike lead character seriously, but he's really not all that bad. Now the main part that's creating my quandary of not knowing whether or not I liked the film is the "twist" at the end.

   This movie is also very well shot, I don't know the actual location of filming I'm guessing eastern Europe somewhere, but the camera and scenery work is excellent......well for the first part of the film anyways. The remainder of the film is inhabited by one of the most fence straddling villains I have seen to date. Once again I really can't tell you how I felt about this psychedelic toad licking, Auschwitz resident/black metal music video looking creature they made for this picture. Truly chilling at times and bordering silly at others.

   Now I'm not going to tell you you should or shouldn't watch this movie but if you do watch it I'd like to know what you think. I guess just for curiosities sake I'll up it an extra notch in the ratings.

6/10 detached retinas

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