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Sheitan (Satan)

    At this point I'm running the risk of sounding like a broken record, but I'll toe that line anyway. The French are a truly disturbed bunch. And this picture did not stray from that estimation in the slightest.

    Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Eastern Promises) is a true vision of hysterically terrifying madness. The slowness of the first three quarters of the film is redeemed by the random awkwardly perfect moments littered throughout. The story isn't anything amazing, its just appropriately executed by a cast of the most deserving of their fate victims I have seen in a horror movie in quite awhile, I mean these kids are total a-holes.

   Like I earlier mentioned there isn't a ton of violence through the entirety of this film, kinda one of those cavalcade of blood at the end type movies. What violence is in the film is well done and brutal, but the strength of this film truly lies in the concepts.

  Highly entertaining psychos, demon spawn, inbreeding......i mean what more could you really ask for in a horror movie?
7.5/10 detached retinas

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