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Damned by Dawn

  Damned be the twats from down under who thought this piece of work was a good idea. Basically it's just  a Australian made for T.V. quality movie on par with most of the "SyFy Original" trash. I'm going to attempt to paint an accurate picture of how terrible this movie was, but it may prove to be a tough task.  I will try to stay away from ranting too crazily on about all of the shortcomings and missed opportunities this film had and merely stick to facts........and I repeat "I will try" guarantees.

  Bad acting, bad writing, bad script and a iffy concept that maybe could have been done justice by someone far more competent than the fools who created this garbage, but sadly no luck. Banshees are an interesting and rarely used horror movie evil that I think deserve an bit of research and effort by the right creator, but with so little known by the general public about these mythic beings, it's sad that someone ruined what may be a lot of peoples first introduction to them. And on top of that they ruined just about every other creature that showed up on screen known or unknown throughout the rest of the flick as well. I mean, here's a few of your monsters: slow flying, mostly c.g.i. vengeance fueled zombies, uncoordinated, dopey and also c.g.i. reapers, and a couple of live action zombies with sausage for guts and pixels for brains. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating some of this shit was, not even really all that funny in the "laugh at the people who are failing" sort of way.

    It's truly maddening sometimes the absolute crap people will push out for viewer consumption, I just can't imagine someone watching the final cut of this movie and saying with any seriousness "That's it! Exactly what I envisioned in my head!" .......Weirdo's!  

(p.s. totally went on a rant anyways, oh well.)

2/10 detached retinas

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