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  Today I'm going back to a movie I watched over six months ago but is still sticking with me like i watched it only yesterday. A serious contender in my eyes for best horror film (not featuring zombies) of the last decade. This film is a triumph of sub-genre fusion and twisted writing. And of's French. Surprise! Seriously I don't know whats in the effing water over there but those eclair eatin' S.O.B's are on a goddamn roll with thrilling horror!

  Directed by Pascal Laugier (who is rumored to be directing the "Hellraiser" re-make, and you'll see why that's awesome news once you watch this film) this movie is merciless from minute one. The first forty five minutes or so of the film are a classic yet emotionally crucifying revenge film......but it doesn't end there, the you think all is well it turns into a demented torture flick until the movies unthinkably bizarre and creative ending. The acting is (not that it really matters in this film) well done and brings you inside the victims realm so you get the "pleasure" of at least sharing a little of their pain. And the violence is plentiful, varied  and gruesome.

  I really don't know how to sum up this movie other than telling you DO NOT let the subtitles or the fact that it's French keep you away from this one. I'm tired of good movies being excluded because people are too lazy to read or think French filmmakers have something to do with the politics of their country. WATCH THIS MOVIE!

10/10 detached retinas

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