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   Yup, gaze upon the glory that is the "Shapeshifter" movie poster. If you haven't already figured out whether or not you want to watch it from that artistic masterpiece, well, I guess keep reading then.

   This flick starts with blood and boobs flyin' around at a pace that set a nicely gore filled premise early, while it did slack off a little from there, it didn't disappoint from a gore fanatic standpoint. The monster however was not all that awesome turning out to be a kind of half hearted attempt at the Djinn from "Wishmaster" and the crated beast from "Creepshow" hybrid. He just ended up looking very suited up and a little wrinkly which is a major wrench in the workings of attempts at villian legitamacy as far as I'm concerned.

   The story was kind of interesting set in a prison type environment, with russian gypsy mafia references and explanations for the presence of our shapeshifter. But when coupled with our crew of rejected from late night cinemax "actors" the story gets a little lost in bad one liners, inexplicable heavy breathing and terrible eastern european accents. It is humorous though, accidentally so, but still.

   Now I would never tell you to go out of your way to see this silly little film, that being said, if you do happen to run across it with time to waste.......give it a shot. It's not terrible.

5/10 detached retinas

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