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Shadow Puppets

   This movie is proving fairly hard for me to put a label on. I'm torn between it's low budget SyFy-esque exterior and it's semi ambitious plot. Those two things combined are a little confusing to me, but I will attempt to sort them out with the following.

   Now the setting and the characters and acting and all of those sorts of "unimportant" things are all ranging anywhere from sub par to terrible . Its set in a mental institution- boring. The best actors (most well known anyway) in the movie are Tony Todd of Candyman, and James Marsters who played "Spike" on the legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, and a few semi attractive females.....accomplished. And as far as the dialogue goes, pshaw, fugedabowtit. But the actual story goes into some interesting areas, centering around the removal of bad memories as a way of rehabilitation via a "mind wipe". Apparently at some point during one of said "mind wipes" something went wrong and the smoke monster from Lost was summoned and decided to try to disguise himself by wearing a mask and pretending to be a shadow and why the hell am I going on in this much detail.........?......... This movie was terrible! NEXT!!!

3/10 detached retinas

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