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    Classically delicious, from front to back this movie is good ol' slashing fun. Sometimes you've just got to keep it to the fundamentals to have success in the horror genre. There's nothing new here, and that is a good part of why I liked it.
  I know I have seen this story somewhere before, I just can't place where..... Eh, who cares? It's a good enough story to see repeated. The cast is serviceable while not all that likeable, most everyone in this film had "kill me please" written all over them. And the main heroine/victim is a real c**t to boot....although she does start to come around by the end.....but then again, don't they all? One of the only beefs I did have was with the writing because of the lack of any explanation or back story for our killer, they do give you some clues but it is all so vague that it became a little frustrating by the end.
  One of the most successful parts of this picture was the killer (thus why the disappointment over no back story) who is a sort of "toxic avenger" meets "The Lord of the Rings- Golem" type fella who screams like Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) and pantomimes surgery, oh, and likes long walks in sewer tunnels along with rat raising and white wine (<maybe not...but who knows). The violence is decent, but a little short on the shock side, a lot of blood, just not a lot of "money shots".
  All in all this ones a pretty successful effort by our buddies from across the pond (UK). I'd suggest it to most.

7/10 detached retinas

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