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Days of Darkness

       Tentacles, testicles and parasitic zombies OH MY! This movie has got it all, from accidental comedy to sexual organ removal to messages promoting the overuse of alcohol. It's been a long while since I have seen one of those horror movies that was so accidentally funny that it actually changed my opinion of the film halfway through. This film did just that.
     Right from the start this movie reeks of generic, overused plots and creative inefficiency, but the acting and dialogue are so awkwardly bad and hilarious that it makes you forget or just not really care that you've seen this situation in movies so many times before. Haplessly misused ones liners and ridiculous logic executed by a stand out/drop out cast of the worst/best "actors" for their roles gave this movie life through self-parody. Not that this movie was really meant to be serious in the first place, but even their attempts at comedy are so far off base that they come all the way around to indirectly being funny again.
    The violence and creature creation are a whole other story. They had good ideas here just not quite the budget to pull them off. Tentacled & virgin born face grabbing parasites, ballsack replacing/dwelling alien fetuses and brain leeches are some of the more entertaining efforts along with some run of the mill low end zombies. There's some decent low budget gore, autopsies and the like thrown around for good measure so the movie definitely doesn't disappoint on that end.
    Wrapping this one up I realize it's not going to be everyones cup of tea, but if you're a longtime horror fan and don't mind a few laughs at the expense of others, by all means this movie is for you.

6/10 detached retinas

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