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Sam's Lake

   I sometimes wonder why and how some horror movies even get made, is it because they are a "gateway" movie for young directors to get their foot into the door and hopefully move on to bigger and "better" things, a.k.a. just another bullet point on the ol' resume? I ask this because of the general lack of pride and passion in a lot of this genres recent releases (especially within the American films). While some of these movies may do one or two things well, they can't help but feel a little rushed and dull.

  This movie is pretty much just you same old cookie cutter crap for the first half or so, group goes on vacation in woods, group tells spooky story around campfire, story turns out to be real.....with one twist of which I only guessed half of before it was revealed. The characters at first are likeable while extremely token, and decently acted until the killing begins, at which time they all become as generic as the rest of this film.

  Now this is where the lack of passion becomes most apparent, the violence. It is so frustratingly scant and minimalist that I almost started cursing aloud at the screen. I understand that not every horror movie has to be buckets of blood and guts, but if you aren't going to go in that direction you'd better have a damn cerebral mindf**k of a story to make up for it, which this movie in no way, shape or form does.

  If your hearts not fully in it do us all a favor and let someone else who is into it take the reigns, believe me when I say the horror movie community will thank you.

4.5/10 detached retinas

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