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Last of the Living

   Apparently New Zealand needs to re-up on its zombie research, considering "Braindead" (titled "Dead Alive" in the states) was given life there you'd think that would be all the template needed for them to make another great zombie experience.... you'd be wrong.

   Early on in this one it seemed as if they were more concerned with making some sort of low budget music video than a zombie movie, with all sorts of overbearing and annoying music played over atrocious montages of not well thought out "zombie apocalypse" activities. At points it seems in this movie there isn't any sort of scourge going on at all, the electricity is all still working, the streets are sparklingly clean, no ransacked buildings or signs of your usual end of the world type struggles, and the zombies are rarely seen outside of their specifically tailored scenes. But its not all bad, there are bits of silly dialogue here and there that are laugh worthy, and the general camaraderie throughout is fun enough. The story is uninspired, but not bad, and I didn't mind the characters at all (while not loving them either).

  Now here is where more problems arise, plenty of blood, almost no's a zombie movie, not good. Even when perfect opportunities for it arise, they are squandered with either a silly screen wipe or generally obscured by the zombie horde, frustrating. And the zombie make up is abysmal.....that is all I will say, just terrible.

   Whatever, they can't all be winners.....

4.5/10 detached retinas

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