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Session 9

         This movie was abysmally frustrating, and not just because it had David Caruso in it (he was surprisingly not half bad in it). It just never did or solved anything! Horror film that start out slow are sometimes some of the best either because they are making you feel something for the characters through their development or they just want that element of surprise when the shit actually hits the fan, but for that to work the shit must actually hit the fan at some point.

      The story here is a basic tale of a man at his breaking point confronted by outside influences that push him over the edge, plenty of wind left in those sails, but this movie missed that boat entirely. There are bits and pieces of believable and semi-intriguing dialogue throughout the film, but most of it falls on deaf/bored ears after awhile because you are just waiting for them to actually do something. And when 4/5ths of the way in stuff actually does start going down, disappointment town is right there waiting around the bend. No gore, nothing gets shown, a small amount of blood is pooling here and there but there is nothing redemptive at all here on that end of things.

      If you are going to attempt to make a psychological horror film without the use of very much violence you had better hope you have and intriguing plot to back it up, or else you're in for the same failures this movie endured.

3/10 detached retinas

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