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Zombie Dearest

    Well what we've got ourselves here is another one of those movies trying to cash in on the zombie comedy craze left in the wake of "Shaun of the Dead". Mildly successful in parts and frustratingly inept in others this film is basically a wash.

     These days there is no real tried and true recipe for success in the zombie genre but one thing that is more overly successful is originality. The story here is (original), but does not however guarantee the film success. The dialogue is witty and funny at points and forced and feeble in others. And the characters are middle of the road as well. For some reason the soundtrack/score of the film is schizophrenic with a weird mix of low budget psychedelic ambiance, bluegrass, generic rock riffs, and classic Italian inspired horror tracks.

     There's not a whole lot of violence in this film, but what little bit there is is decently done. The zombie make-up is .....well, boring.

     In summation i can't really rave about or hate on this film, it just didn't really do much for me either way. sad.

4/10 detached retinas


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  1. But I still have to watch it, damn this love/hate relationship with zombie flix!