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The Graves


   I'll admit first of all the only reason i even attempted to watch the movie in the first place was a fascination with a recently discovered fact that a heavy metal persona/icon (depending on who you ask) had a small role somewhere within. Turns out there were other much more worthy reasons to watch it.

   The afore mentioned heavy metal persona was in fact Randy Blythe of "lamb of god" fame, and was not worth the price of admission, but the appearance of hardly recognizable (to me at least) Bill Moseley of Rob Zombie films such as "House of a 1000 Corpses" and "Devils Rejects" was probably the only worthwhile acting performance in the film, his youthlike glee with killing and psychotic ramblings are always a good watch. Tony Todd also makes an appearance but is forgettable as a preacher who just comes off as a bit of a giant  feeble minded crackhead.

  The storyline is well intended but poorly executed, the main characters are entirely without charisma, I wanted them to die for most of the film, and for some GODFORSAKEN reason they used animated blood spray (dealbreaker of all dealbreakers)! A few of the villain characters are entertaining and the 'Demon' (or whatever it is they worship) is intriguing although never explained. But all in all I'm kinda confused at how this director or producer or whoever was responsible got all the name support they did. All that being said I'd recommend this movie to only the diehardiest (<<<made that word up) horror movie fans.

3.5/10 detached retinas

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