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Kill Theory


   I'm feeling the slightest bit silly that the first two movies I've decided to review have been movies i DVR'd off of the SyFy channel, but being as my netflix pix have been in flux of late I went with what I had. Surprisingly enough for being on SyFy this movie wasn't actually half bad.

   The overall theme is a tried and true recipe for all hollywood plots, horror or not, a study/experiment of our "kill or be killed" nature. With one small twist, it actually is a study/experiment. Almost "Saw"like yet still fresh and almost original.

   The characters are refreshingly real and diverse in personality without feeling token or forced, and the dialogue is genuine. There's almost no one I recognized in the movie except for two bit players from the cast of "Sons of Anarchy" who amusingly enough are some of the first to "leave" the film.

   The effects and gore/makeup scene's be they a little drab, are believable and the characters bring enough emotion to sell the kills.

   While not entirely original or unpredictable this film was a good watch that i could recomend to just about anyone.

6/10 detached retinas

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